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Mellerio dits Meller…

Mellerio dits Meller set - Photo © Nicolas Mingalon – All rights reserved for Like ab

© Nicolas Mingalon – All rights reserved

Following the success of my Encounter with Buccellati, let us carry on with this series, accompanied by still life photographer Nicolas Mingalon, and make you discover a grand yet not so well know jewellery Maison: MELLERIO dits MELLER.

To celebrate its 400 anniversary, by the end of 2013, the Maison unveiled a singular collection inspired by the lily. A reconnection to past traditions with the collaboration of designer Edéenne who drew her inspiration from the archives of the prestigious Maison and gave life to Marie de Médicis and her favourite flower, thus duly celebrating this special -and quite rare for a jewellery Maison – anniversary. The Médicis collection is born…

We spontaneously decided to enhance the luxuriant high jewellery set by imagining a decor of natural lilies, to recall the jewellery motif and highlight by contrast its classic modernity.

We called in the talent of watercolour artist Sylvia Baldeva, also a fashion illustrator. More accustomed to draw elegant and stylish women or fashion accessories than flower arrangements, Sylvia was ready, using her skillful brush, to take up the challenge of drawing the natural lily for a sublime result.

This jewellery set is composed of a white gold necklace, set with a magnificent 13,14 carat sapphire, of 8,85 carat diamond lilies and of two rings ; the one on the right is white gold, a center diamond of 2,51 carats with two white lilies on either side (1,37 carat), the one on the left is white gold holding three diamond lilies (1,85 carat).

MELLERIO dits MELLER, jeweller to the Kings and Queens… has survived the centuries and remains, today, one of the only jewellery Maisons to have preserved its historical heritage and an independent family held capital. It’s age allows it to be part of the Les Hénokiens organisation, and also to be a member of the very select Comité Colbert.

Passed on from father to son over fourteen generations, family history has eventually changed and given the power to a woman, today in charge of the Maison and its atelier, she has her own atelier and still works today, in the greatest secrecy, designing new creations for a priviledged elite.

The incredible history of the Mellerio family starts in Italy in the small village of Craveggia, Lombardy. The Lombards immigrated to Paris and were granted exclusivity of chimney sweeping. Later, they assisted the Regent, Marie de Medicis, in defeating a conspiracy, and she granted them, by a drecree of October 10, 1613, the right to become salespersons. Much later, they sold jewels to Marie-Antoinette, marking a turning point in the history of the jewellery Maison, allowing it to establish itself after the French Revolution and maintain special ties with those in power. The Maison is at its peak, Jean Mellerio and his son Raphaël have iven a reputation of excellence to their most extravagant and original creations such as the famous and iconic peacock motif.


A tradition of great creativity and innovation: innovation with transformable and ingenious jewels, patented techniques such as the « trembling » technique developed during the Art Nouveau period which the diamonds are set on a flexible wire suspension allowing the stones to tremble as it is worn, thus giving a subtle movement to the jewel.

Creativity, with a unique oval shape timepiece which will give the idea, a few years later, to create a stone cut specific the the jeweller: known as the « Mellerio » cut, a remarkable ovoid shape as seen here below. This tourmaline brooch is part of the previous line, the Monte Rosa collection.

Mellerio dits Meller tourmaline

We owe a lot to this jewellery Maison for its heritage in the history of jewels. Notably because it has adorned members of the royalty, as can be seen on painted portraits of the time, or nowadays also, on photos taken of the crowned heads of Denmark or Spain, very faithful to the jewellery Maison.

MELLERIO dits MELLER is also well known for its long tradition of engagement rings’ creation. Made-to-measure jewellery at very reasinable rates and rapidly made since the workshop is located at the store.

I am a great fan of the collection « Mots d’amour ». The design of the ring is made specially to highlight the beauty of the precious stone – diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald – whether it is a personnal gem or one purchased from MELLERIO dits MELLER.

Ariane rig in white gold, diamonds and Mellerio cut pink sapphire.

Ariane rig in white gold, diamonds and Mellerio cut pink sapphire.

If you have any curiosity and are eager to know a more about MELLERIO dit MELLER, I strongly recommend you to buy the book by Vincent Meylan released in 2013, it traces the origins of this fabulous jewellery Maison, immersing us in the History of France and of its Queens… A historical journey, sometimes disjointed but full of intriguing and delightful anecdotes.

I would like to thank the Maison MELLERIO dits MELLER  in particular Diane-Sophie Lanselle for their trust, and also Nicolas Mingalon for his efforts on this shoot, and Sylvia Baldeva for her talent and kindness.

For all enquiry, please contact the Boutique:

9 Rue de la Paix, 75001 Paris
(33) 01 42 61 57 53

And join MELLERIO dits MELLER on Facebook and Instagram!



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