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Amélie Viaene

Photo ©BérengèreTreussard

This new section “Portrait of an Artist” aims to highlight unknown or little-known talents that are not in the system but deserve our attention, at least as much as the big names do.

Whether an instant crush, an incredible talent, a creative genius of jewellery and high jewellery, the artist deserves recognition for these qualities. All these artisans, these artists who transform jewels into works of art, we must reveal ther talent, for the beauty of their work. I cannot keep it for myself and I must share the info.

You know as well as I do that this blog lives thanks to you. Your daily support, your encouraging messages… I count on you to share and spread the word… Like, share and talk about these artists, I really appreciate your support, they need you to become known…

Amélie Viaene – Photo ©BérengèreTreussard

Portrait of an artist” begins with Amélie Viaene, a beautiful person on both personal and artistic aspects. This artist works in her Parisian workshop since 2005, handcrafting exceptional jewels, unique and contemporary pieces filled with balance and emotion.

She creates all her models in wax and you can feel the poetry, control and balance in all her achievements. The perfect balance of Yin and Yang sublimated by an exceptional choice of gems gives a special intensity to her creations.

Amélie Viaene lives her passion for jewellery as “a discipline in which the demand for know-how meets a free and independent spirit. Her creations convey the sensitivity of the human gesture and recall the true meaning of what is precious, through four founding elements: identity, quality, rarity and emotion.”

In her charming flowery and sunny atelier, Amélie welcomed me surrounded by her precious cats. A creative and orderly universe, organic inspirations. She confides in me… The beginnings weren’t so easy but a tenacious passion gave her a neverending creative force that she now dedicates to her customers.

“My work is inspired by a constant pursuit of harmony. Each of my pieces is designed as a creative work of total organic unity.”

Her creations are developed within one of the following five collections:

Essential ♦ Developed after Amélie Viaene‘s very first creations, this collection of rings
crafted in gold and silver represents a minimalistic concentration of her style. I am a fan of her ring named Hélice

Ideal ♦ In this collection each gem has its own specific geometrical shape, for which Amélie Viaene offers her ideal vision of a ring. Instant crush for the Phoenix ring

One of a kind♦ This collection has been imagined as a space of free expression and inspiration, composed of unique pieces and limited editions. Such as the Guardians, the Ginza ring or the  Lost in translation ring.

Capsules ♦ A jewellery collection that offers a creative theme developed into a ring, a pendant, earrings… The Petits pois ring for example…

Celebration ♦  Engagement rings with a strong identity, created together with matching wedding rings, such as the models Sabé and Meissa.

Discover a little more about Amélie Viaene‘s universe in these videos:

If you, too, feel your heart is falling for Amélie’s creations, do not hesitate to check out her website and contact her. She might simply create the jewel of your dreams…

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