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Anaïs Rheiner

Anaïs Rheiner ring and bracelet

Anaïs Rheiner ring and bracelet ©BérengèreTreussard2015

In her chic and cosy boutique located in Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood (6, rue Cardinale), I joined designer Anaïs Rheiner for tea, served with macarons, and jewels.

Handmade jewelry with passion

I discovered Anaïs Rheiner two years ago when her work was showcased, and particularly noticed, at « Révélations », the international fine craft and creation event held in Paris at the Grand Palais. She is part of the  Ateliers d’Art de France , and is also a Banque Populaire Foundation laureate in the category Arts & Crafts.

Out of curiosity and attracted by her personality, I did not resist long before entering her workshop, where it is very difficult to resist… Her jewellery creations are like candies, we want to taste them all… And so much for being reasonable!

Anaïs Rheiner jewellery composition - Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

Anaïs Rheiner jewellery composition – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

One can only be charmed by the romantic and nature-inspired universe of the designer, whose know-how and love for gems comes from her African descent. A true artist open to the world, moving with the times, you can sense her passion, fougue, curiosity, smile and goodwill.

Handmade jewelry with love

Born from parents who themselves were fond of gems, Anaïs Rheiner draws strength from a mix of cultures, from her natural intuition, from a search for the beautiful but also from what is more imperceptible, like the good vibes. One may sense an imperative need of creation coming from this passionate and endearing artist.

Anaïs Rheiner in her atelier - Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

Anaïs Rheiner in her atelier – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

She plays and reinvents the jewel as an original accessory and easy to wear from which emerges positive energies, ingenuity and asymmetry. Anais jewels are endowed with a divine power and call you, nothing serves to fight…

She juggles very well between collections and tailor-made pieces and if you fall for one of her jewels, she can adapt it to your budget with or without stones or simply by changing their colour! Diamonds are cute but sometimes a little… In other words, you got me, ladies, for once I’m caring about you and your wallet!

Already six different lines: Winter Colours, Brindille, Mystery Garden, Sweet Orchid, Diamond River and Dew. An appeal to your senses, with pearls and gems…

Anaïs Rheiner rings gold & sapphire jewelry handmade paris workshop know how

Anaïs Rheiner rings- Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

Anais Rheiner gold jewelry sapphire pearl tahiti jewelry handmade

Anaïs Rheiner jewellery composition – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

It’s my treasure for this month, my inspiration for today, a lovely discovery and a moving encounter.

Do not hesitate to visit her boutique-atelier (store and workshop all in one), her jewellery pieces are modern, thoughtful, and ready to wear for every and any day. Don’t be shy!

Gentlemen, a woman cannot remain indifferent to the creations of Anais. But you must choose the diamond version! Can’t argue with that!

Anais Rheiner bracelet pink sapphires jewelry handmade know how paris creative

Anaïs Rheiner pink sapphire bracelet – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

Anaïs Rheiner will be showcased at the Parisian Mes créateurs Joailliers exhibition from November 19 to 22, 2015. One of her creations will be submitted to the visitors’ vote for the best piece award in the 4 seasons contest: her white gold bracelet with emerald setting.

Emerald bracelets garden winter jewelry handmade paris workshop bangle bracelet

Anaïs Rheiner emerald bracelets – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard

Anaïs Rheiner is also partnering with the Odyssey Conservation Trust organisation for a special sale of her jewellery for the benefit of the Shangaan women of Zimbabwe on Thursday, November 26th,  2015.

S M I L E 

Anais Rheiner earrings handmade gold jewelry and diamonds know-how

Anais Rheiner gold and diamond earrings – Photo ©Bérengère Treussard2015

Anaïs Rheiner

Art Jewellery

6 rue Cardinale – 75006 Paris 

By appointment :  +33 (0)1 40 46 02 39


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