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Gringoire Joaillier flagship store opening in Paris

High jewellery necklace by Gringoire Joaillier ©BérengèreTreussard

High jewellery necklace by Gringoire Joaillier ©BérengèreTreussard

Gringoire Joaillier has just opened a magnificent flagship store at 32 avenue Matignon in Paris. A modernist style outlet to highlight colourful contemporary design jewellery creations.

Created in 1880, Gringoire Joaillier creates jewellery with all kind of gemstones, affordable jewels for a modern and independent woman. I met managing director Yvan Le Dour to find out more about Gringoire Joaillier.

Yvan Le Dour, hello, you are at the General Management of Gringoire Joaillier since 2008, can you tell us more about your career?

After working in international watchmaking for the brand Yema, I joined the world of fashion and developed footwear licenses for the Royer group, including collaborations with Timberland, Lolita Lempika, Georges Rech and Balmain. Then I took over the commercial management of the Christian Bernard group for all the departments and became the 5th manager in the history of H.Gringoire in July 2008.

Can you tell us about the brand and where the name comes from?

H.Gringoire was first of all Hourdequin Gringoire, founded by Achille Hourdequin 135 years ago, at 79 rue de Turbigot in Paris, where we still work. When he passed away in 1942, without any successor, it was his son-in-law, Gérard Gringoire, who took over the   the Maison which became Hourdequin Gringoire and then H.Gringoire. Nowadays we use the name Gringoire Joaillier to facilitate our communication as part of our international development.

What are the values of Gringoire Joaillier?

Gringoire Joaillier is the “opposite of bling” in jewellery! An old Parisian Maison, charged with history, specialised in coloured stones, concerned about authenticity and representative of the “French touch” through collections such as “la belle époque“.

Who wears Gringoire Joaillier jewels?

 Gringoire Joailler is for all women! Women who share our values: beauty, quality and authenticity. For women who are sensitive to the magic of jewellery… and those who want to treat themselves!

Amethyst diamond and turquoise ring from the collection Les Extravagantes by Gringoire Joaillier

Amethyst diamond and turquoise ring from the collection Les Extravagantes by Gringoire Joaillier  ©BérengèreTreussard

How do your creators work? Do you use traditional manufacturing techniques?

 All the creations are designed in our Parisian workshops which master the traditional artisanal know-how of jewellery making as well as the latest technologies in terms of design, CAD and 3D.

We have worked very hard since my arrival in 2008 to boost the brand. The arrival three years ago of Mina El Hadraoui as Head of Marketing has brought another, more modern and creative look. She has developed many projects with the help of our designers and partners. I am pleased to announce the launch in 2017 of a collection made in collaboration with the painter Caroline Faindt.

Opening your first flagship boutique in Paris, is it a change of strategy or even maybe a repositioning of the brand?

It is simply the continuity. Attractive affordable products and a strong integration into our Paris roots have led us to adapt to the evolution of the market. A point of sale that reflects our values and conveys the image of our Maison: modern with a style inspired by the Art Deco period dear to the history of our brand, simple but with high quality materials. It is important at this stage of our development to show consumers the universe of Gringoire Joaillier while remaining accessible.

Located in a neighborhood full of history, how is this new “flagship” innovative? Who was in charge of the scenography?

We entrusted the scenography to architects from the world of fashion with a completely different approach to jewellery world. We needed to differentiate ourselves and remain faithful to our DNA and in particular to the modernity of the Maison.

What collections are presented?

Following the tradition of the Maison, we offer a vast choice of jewels, exclusively with stones (precious stones, fine stones and hard stones). Illustrating the will of the jeweller Gringoire to make luxury affordable, the prices are attractive (from 500 €) so you can treat yourself without hesitating. Complementing the collections, several exceptional unique pieces are also showcased.

Pink sapphire ring by Gringoire Joaillier - BérengèreTreussard

Pink sapphire ring by Gringoire Joaillier ©BérengèreTreussard

What are the brand’s ambitions in the long term?

The support of our shareholder group allows us to have international ambitions. We have projects in Asia, Vietnam in particular, in the United States, in the United Arab Emirates and in Egypt. We are also developing with our historical partners a core of retailers to get closer to the final user. With this essential and ideally located Paris flagship store, we wish to have an international impact and promote our distinctive know-how.

Inside the Gringoire Joaillier store

IInside the Gringoire Joaillier store


32 Avenue Matignon

75008 Paris 

Tel : +33 1 77 37 05 05

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