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Anna Hu astonishes the Biennale with a Symphonie of Gems

jewelry necklace Anna Hu biennale antique gemstone monet piece unique

Monet Necklace by Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie ©BérengèreTreussard2017

The 2017 edition of the Biennale des Antiquaires has welcomed for the first time the Chinese fine jewellery designer Anna Hu. The artist is inhabited by a strong musical vibration, she dazzled the Biennale des Antiquaires with unique, bucolic and dreamlike creations inspired by the French and Chinese arts and culture.

Indeed, after having embraced a career as a musician, she developed her affinity for creating jewelery to our greatest delight. Inspired also by her name which means butterfly in Chinese she delights us with her unique pieces adorned with sublime gems.

butterfly brooch Anna Hu diamonds tourmaline stones biennale antique dealers

butterfly brooch by Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie ©BérengèreTreussard2016

We have had the pleasure of encountering her in Paris during the Biennale, a strong and colourful lady, she has first and foremost music in her blood.

Anna Hu Intrinsically Musical

Mrs Hu, could you tell us how did your love story with jewels and precious stones start ?

I feel my entire life that it is like fate ! I was born in a gemmology second generation jewelers, my father’s expertise was about diamonds, rubis and sapphires and my mother’s was into pearls. So I am used to say that I was playing more with gems instead of Teddy bears when I was a child !
But despite this family background I started studying music to become a professionnal cellist from age 5 to 20. I went to America to study in one of the top performing art school, the Walnut Hill School near Boston. I had the chance to be immersed in a campus where there was nothing but art. At that time, I was focusing on becoming the greatest cellist possible by practicing every day. Unfortunately I got a severe tendinitis that prevented me to pursue my carreer.
Encouraged by my father, I decided to study gemmology and then jewelry design and took 5 degrees in 7 years. It was easy and obvious ; I felt like I could continue my quest of perfection in creating jewels ! That is how my second life started

Bracelet Anna Hu diamonds rose cut biennale antique dealers jewelery masterpiece ruby onyx diamonds black diamonds

Tree of Life Bracelet by Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie ©BérengèreTreussard2016

You worked for Harry Winston, Christies and Van Cleef and Arpels, what did these experiences bring you ?

These experiences are part of my foundation and my eductional journey with jewerly. I considered Maurice Galli as well as fellow designer Dominique Rivière as mentors. Maurice taught me how to think like a French. These collaborations have influenced my work, which has become a synergy between Chinese and French cultures. I am mixing the 5000 years rich chinese history with the amazing know how of French jewelry craftmanshift to create something totally original.

How does your passion for music influence your work ? Do you listen to music when you are creating ?

I do not think that music helps me to create but it is true that music is always in me. Music is part of me ; it is in my blood. I feel relaxed and free when I listen to music.
I listen from Bach to Stravinsky with the exception of Piazolla’s tango, which by the way, I find very inspiring. Classical music is so deep in my heart that I can not live without it and do not need anything else to stimulate me. Have you seen any classical musician drugged?  The richness and sophistication of classical music are enough.

brooch Anna hu aquamarine gemstones diamonds biennale antique dealers

Brooch by Anna Hu Haute joaillerie © Bérengère Treussard 2016

What are your other sources of inspiration ?

I think every contemporary artist should have a clear view of his work. Everytime I design, I close my eyes and listen to my heart. I do not have any specific desire or reference. However all my inputs such as  education, art, painting and Chinese history are part of me as my creative elements.

Anna Hu – Strong and Colourful

Which one of your creations best represent your work ?

I see myself like a diamond with so many facets that each of my creations is unique to me. But everybody loves the Monet collection. I created this piece just after I left Harry Winston with such a strong desire for freedom. I felt enlighten by Monet Romanticism, and I transcribed it into this original collection. I remember every single stones when I created the first piece while listening to Debussy. I designed the curves of the necklace to remind us of the water line of Monet garden. Monet had this long and stable career that fits with my philosophy, and I feel connected to him in so many ways.

You are presenting your first opus, the second one is coming soon, is it important for you to enter history ?

Out of respect to Beethoven, we have decided to publish a series of 10 books with one coming out every 5 years.
He was suffering physically and was unable to finish his symphony N.10. While he was in his worst health condition, he created the most amazing music that enlights the entire world and that touches my heart ! For me this is the purpose of living. It might be idealistic but I wanted to set up my artistic journey for as long as 50 years.

What are you dreaming about ?

I have other passions : I love cooking, and if I had some extra time I would love to become a Chef. I would mix many kind of cuisines like French, Italian and Spanish. The great thing with cooking is that you can see the result of your work in a day, whereas in jewelry making time is much longer.

Ring Anna hu rubellite diamonds gold pink sapphires masterpiece jewelry haute joaillerie biennale antiques

Rubellite, sapphires and diamonds ring by Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie ©BérengèreTreussard2016

What are your next projects except opus N.2 ?

Well, inspired by my daughter, I have a wonderful concept. I want to create a wide variety of unique jewels for each age, but only for Women. Except for Moussaief, there is almost no woman in the jewelry field,  which is dominated by western male. I feel like I must do something. The world needs us.

 66/5000 Portrait Anna Hu necklace monet gems masterpiece high jewelry

Portrait of the designer Anna Hu with one of her most beautiful piece the Monet necklace at the Biennale des Antiquaires 2017©BérengèreTreussard2017

Thank you Anna Hu for this precious moment in your company, we are stronger and proud to consider you as part of the creators of fine jewellery. As a strong and determined woman, inspired and inspiring, creative and charismatic but also in love with French culture.

Do not hesitate to follow her work on her Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie Facebook page and we encourage you to collect her jewels as we are convinced this artist will be one of the major 21st century

Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie

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