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Pradoren, the Swiss savoir-faire of a jewellery workshop

ring Baenteli diamonds and blue sapphires Pradoren jeweller workshop

Baenteli ring, diamond and sapphire, made by Pradoren Jewellery workshop ©BérengèreTreussard2018

Somewhere between mountains and lake hides a postcard-looking Swiss village. A treasure to discover! In the center of this village is located the historical workshop which crafts jewellery for Baenteli, whose know-how is now well established.

The workshop was taken over by Hakim Allou in 2014. With only four employees at the time, the young yet experienced Frenchman made sure to deliver the best high jewellery pieces, with special attention to the quality of manufacturing ; the gem sourcing and the ethics.

With over 10 years experience, Hakim Allou has already collaborated with the greatest brands of the Paris Place Vendôme who entrusted him with very beautiful projects.

A jewellery workshop with unquestionable know-how

The Pradoren jewellery workshop has nothing to envy to the know-how of the Place Vendôme, quite the contrary. It is located in an ideal environment for jewellery and lapidary know-how, where Swiss manufacturers have reached a level of excellence one may not expect compared to their watchmaker neighbours.

Indeed, we have learnt that the Pradoren workshop manufactures jewellery pieces for the greatest names of the Place Vendôme – though we cannot mention anyone – and thus fulfills absolutely all the criteria required by French high jewellery.

After more than 10 years developing costume jewellery and high jewellery, in Europe and abroad, Hakim Allou develops production for European jewellery brands. As a result, Pradoren has become one of the largest independent European workshops. In only three years, it grew importantly and currently hires 15 people. The workshop values traditional craftsmanship and quality over quantity. It succeeds in combining different know-hows, watchmaking, jewellery and design ; a strong team spirit and the genuine implication of the craftsmen who appreciate working in a human-scale company.

While visiting the workshop, we were struck by its cleanliness and meticulousness. A united and smiling team and an undeniable will to achieve a flawless product.

The strength of this particular jewellery workshop is the use of traditional jewellery techniques combined with a thrive for perfection that gives a very qualitative result in the details of each piece, whether it is an access category jewel to be mass produced by thousands of pieces or a unique piece of high jewellery.

Indeed, Pradoren takes up the challenge of offering the same level of quality for both high-jewellery pieces and mass production, by way of traditional craftsmanship instead of industrial manufacturing.

Set of pliers Pradoren Jewellery

Set of pliers, Pradoren Jewellery workshop ©BérengèreTreussard2018

An Ethically Minded jewellery workshop

To meet the demand of both brands and consumers, the Pradoren workshop has taken a step ahead and has chosen to work with ethical gold and strict stone sourcing.

The workshop gets its supplies from Peruvian mines and is involved in the development of the country by paying a bonus (premium) when buying stones, which is then donated to local miners. This premium finances various development projects in Peru and encourages Peruvians to work only with approved refiners who do not use lead.

Pradoren also uses recycled gold and requires its suppliers to know the traceability of the gems. In collaboration with Px Compact (gold refining sourcer), the Pradoren workshop also works with ethical gold.

Tools Pradoren Jewellery workshop

Pradoren Jewellery workshop ©BérengèreTreussard2018

Thanks to its office in Bangkok that sources the gems and regularly visits the mines to check on the working conditions of the workers, Pradoren has obtained the RJC certification and, most important, it offers its customers stones of constant quality such as its sapphires.

Baenteli rings gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, Pradoren Jewellery workshop

Baenteli rings in gold, diamonds and pink sapphires, made by Pradoren Jewellery workshop ©BérengèreTreussard2018

Pradoren – Jewellery Art Manufacturer

+41. 32 751 31 00

Route du Château, 34

2520 La Neuveville, Swiss

Hakim Hallou CEO of Pradoren Jewellery CEO Baenteli

Hakim Hallou, CEO of Pradoren Jewellery workshop and CEO of Baenteli ©BérengèreTreussard2018

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