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Christie’s: Our jewelry selection for the December 5th 2019 auction

jewels with auctions christies brooch vintage gold and diamond bouquet form pear
jewels with auctions christies brooch vintage gold and diamond bouquet form pear

Harry Winston brooch in gold and diamonds – Lot 142 estimated between 80K€ and 120k€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

The end of the year is approaching and auctions are also a way of acquiring a piece of jewelry for your loved ones, while remaining reasonable on the prices. It is also the occasion to begin building a collection or to simply treat yourself.

We have made a « wish list » for you for the next jewelry auction that will be held at Christie’s in Paris on December 5th. Yes, we know, there will be strikes in Paris, but do not panic, you can go see the collection to be auctioned until December 3rd and even follow and bid online whilst in the comfort of your own home.  Isn’t that fantastic?

We loved some of the pieces from the collection such as this beautiful diamond brooch “en trembleuse” by Harry Winston but also two wonderful pieces by René Lalique; one a dragonfly with a magnificent aquamarine, the other, a pocket watch entirely enameled with a very ornate chain giving a general delicate allure. These jewels are not to be missed at auction!

jewels with auction rené Lalique Christies Paris collector's item collection jewel

Art Nouveau Dragonfly pendent by René Lalique with an aquamarine – lot 39 estimated between 30K€ and 40k€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

An enameled Art Nouveau pocket watch by René Lalique with chain – Lot 40 estimated between 20k€ and 40k€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

Small crush for this art deco bracelet in chalcedony agate, gold and a delightful gold set citrine. We love the graphic quality and materials used. Just as for very amusing and pleasant « Cheval à plumes » brooch by René Boivin.

art deco bracelet calcedony and citrine jewelry auction christies

Chalcedony and citrine bangle – Lot 131 estimated between 8K€ and 12k€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

René boivin bioux auction horse feather brooch gold emeralds

“Cheval à Plume” brooch by René Boivin circa 1962 – lot 172 estimated between 10K€ and 15K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

We have also selected for you four necklaces you must not miss: the necklace « Serpent Bohème » by Boucheron which is absolutely iconic. The Buccellati necklace which is extremely ornate and heightened with emeralds and rose cut diamonds, sold with it’s matching earrings which honors the 100 years of this Italian company that preserves the traditional Florentine craftsmanship. A necklace with wonderful citrines from the golden age of Mauboussin. Last but not least a necklace from the 80s signed by Boucheron that is very trendy and just as easy to wear with a little black dress as with a pair of jeans.

Jewels auction christies snake bohemian gem inconic diamond and yellow gold

« Serpent Bohème » necklace by Boucheron sold with matching bracelet and earrings – lot 202 estimated between 12k€ and 18k€ – ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

jewels with auction christies buccellati unique high jewelry collection

Buccellati necklace with engraved emeralds and rose cut diamonds, sold with matching earrings– lot 252 estimated between 6000€ and 8000€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

jewelry auction citrine necklace auctions auction Paris Mauboussin

Necklace and earring set with step cut citrines and diamonds signed Mauboussin – Lot 112 estimated between 20K€ and 30K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

jewelry auction 1980 Christies fun fashion jewel fashion investment

Sapphire diamond ruby and emerald necklace by Boucheron – Lot 115 estimated between 4500€ and 6500€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

For the diamond aficionados, the December 5th auction will present some very beautiful antique pieces, of which engagement rings and diamonds of fine quality. For my part, I have selected a diamond brooch that can be worn in your hair (why not?). I love the quality of the open work and the divine movement of the bow. There is also a more contemporary bow motif brooch. A necklace or a “river of diamonds” very modern for a very affordable price and finally a bracelet with two fine natural pearls and a conch pearl which can be transformed into two ear studs that was modernized by the talented Lorenz Baümer which you can discover in greater detail on our Instagram.

Jewelry brooch pin diamonds beautiful period vintage jewelry

Bow motif brooch in platinum, gold and antique cut diamonds circa 1900 – Lot 21 estimated between 20K€ and 25K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

Diamond auction jewelry brooch bow knot snow jewelry gift brooch

Bow motif brooch with a “snow setting” of antique cut diamonds – Lot 44 estimated between 7000€ and 10 000€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

Jewelry auction diamond river good plan high jewelry auction

Pear and marquees cut diamond necklace – Lot 90 estimated between 6000€ and 8000€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

jewelery auction pearls fine christies unique jewelery lorenz baumer jewel transformable

Transformable bracelet into a ring and a pair of ear studs, late 19th century revised system by Lorenz Baümer composed of two fine natural pearls and one conch pearl – Lot 33 estimated between 30K€ and 50K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

Three rather rare pieces by Georges Fouquet with turquoises engraved in Persian deliver a message of love; a sentimental piece of jewelry with a very modern look.

jewels auction christies auction auction jewelry art deco collection turquoise diamond email

Art Deco pendant with turquoises, enamel and diamonds by Georges Fouquet – Lot 86 estimated between 30 K€ and 50 K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

jewels auction christies paris auction turquoise gravee perse unique jewel

Art Deco ring with turquoises engraved, enamel and diamonds sold with matching brooch by Georges Fouquet – Lot 87 estimated between 15K€ and 25K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

For the fun of it and because brooches are trending again: these ladybird clips by Cartier and a « Uncle Sam » brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Cartier bird bird jewelery jewelery iconic diamond and coral diamond jewelery

« Lady bird» clips in coral, enamel and diamonds by Cartier – lot 59 estimated between 15K€ and 20K€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

« Uncle Sam » brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels in gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires – Lot 207 estimated between 3000€ and 5000€ ©Bérengère Treussard 2019

And many other jewels that I invite you to discover on our Instagram , on the Christie’s catalogue and during the open exhibition days the following dates:

November 30th from 10am till 6pm

December 1st from 2pm till 6pm

December 2nd from 10am till 6pm

December 3rd from 10am till 6pm

and December 4th from 10am till 6pm

Maison Christie’s 

9 Avenue de Matignon 

75008 Paris 


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